Angel of Light

Songs of Vision, Light, and Love

I. Invocation: Sweet Angels Come Nearer
II. Gift Song: Woben Mesa Crelana
III. Hymn: Lovely Angels
IV. Dance: Vum Vive Vum
V. Gift Song: Like Stars and Diamonds
VI. Hymn: Beautiful Treasure
VII. Benediction: With My Blessing I Have Blessed You

SATB a cappella, soprano solo
Duration: 17 Minutes
Text: Traditional Shaker
Year: 2015

Commissioned by: Capitol Hill Chorale, Washington, DC
Premiered by: Capitol Hill Chorale, Frederick Binkholder, director, June 6 & 7, 2015
Publisher: E. C. Schirmer (forthcoming, 2020)

To order or request a perusal copy:
This work, with the exception of Vum Vive Vum, is currently unavailable as it is being prepared for publication and recording in 2020.